Glass properties can be re-defined and tailored to specific applications by selecting particular coating materials and adjusting coat thicknesses. A coating conveyor is used to apply the silver as a functional coat with high reflection in a wet chemical operation. The subsequent copper-plating to form a protective coat for the silver is also done on the coating conveyor. Three other coats are poured on top: base coat, finishing coat and desert sand-resistant protective coat. Our process technology has a proven track record. FLABEG mirrors are durable, weatherproof, and non-corrosive.

NEW: duraGLARE - Anti-Soiling Coating

The most recent example of our R&D potential is the innovative duraGLARE coating that all FLABEG solar mirrors can be ordered with from now on: an anti-soiling coating that reduces the settling of dust on the mirror surface by up to 50%.