Customized flat mirrors from FLABEG are used as so-called heliostats in concentrating solar power towers, with maximum dimensions of up to 2040 mm x 2000 mm in thicknesses of 2 mm to 4 mm.

With a steam power plant using a solar tower, the combustion chamber is fired by concentrated solar radiation. This involves the use of hundreds or thousands of flat mirrors, each individually tracked to the sun with fractional degree precision. These heliostats direct and concentrate the sun’s rays onto a central heat exchanger on the tower (receiver). Thanks to the concentrated rays combined with the high energy reflection of the FLABEG mirrors, high-temperature heat of up to 1100°C can be provided in the absorber. Molten salt or air serves as the initial transport medium. The heat energy is converted into electrical energy via a steam or gas turbine which drives a generator.

FLABEG mirrors boast tried-and-tested durability, while also being non-corrosive and desert sand-resistant. The essential difference between the various technical concepts for solar tower power plants has to do with the receiver technologies used: open volumetric and pressurized receivers.