Given its long history of application in industry, parabolic trough technology offers a clear competitive edge over other variants of concentrating solar power: with material consumption at just 18 kg for steel and 11 kg for glass per square meter of application area, this technology boasts the lowest material requirement today!

To ensure that the solar field is highly efficient, not only must the mirror coating offer high solar reflection, it is also just as important that, using the precisely curved parabolic mirror, the rays hit an absorber pipe with a diameter of 70 mm from a distance of almost 2 meters. Over many years of continuous development and optimization, FLABEG has succeeded in consistently concentrating more than 99.9% of incident rays on the pipe in mass production.

To achieve this high level of efficacy at operating temperatures, the reflector must reflect the incident solar rays efficiently with geometric precision and resistance to any wind loads that arise. If, for example, there is any deviation in the shape of the mirrors from the optimum, this will lead to losses in concentrated rays. Avoidable losses of just one percent will already jeopardize the cost efficiency of the power station.

FLABEG, as an experienced and reliable partner, has a way of combating this: optimum precision for maximum cost efficiency! As the leading supplier in the market, FLABEG is able to guarantee this even in mass production thanks to a variety of quality controls.

Parabolic Mirror Types RP 2 RP 3 RP 5s SNT-2
Size inner mirror (mm) 1570x1400 1700x1641 2010x1622 1876x1600
Size outer mirror (mm) 1570x1324 1700x1501 2010x1622 1876x1600
Area inner mirror (m²) 2.20 2.79 3.26 3.0
Area outer mirror (m²) 2.08 2.67 3.26 3.0
Aperture width (mm) 4908 5774 7512 6868
Size inner mirror (inches) 61.80x55.11 66.90x64.60 79.13x63.86 73.86x62.99
Size outer mirror (inches) 61.80x52.13 66.90x59.10 79.13x63.86 73.86x62.99
Glass thickness 4mm x x x x
Glass thickness 5mm x x x x
Weight inner mirror 4mm (kg) 22 28 33 30
Weight outer mirror 4mm (kg) 21 27 33 30
Weight inner mirror 5mm (kg) 28 35 41 38
Weight outer mirror 5mm (kg) 26 33 41 38
Low iron float glass x x x x
Annealed glass x x x x
Fixing elements fastened by adhesive x x x x
Labeling of each mirror x x x x