Paraboloid systems, such as the Stirling dish ones, can either be constructed individually for decentralized electricity generation or interconnected modularly to create a large solar power plant. They consist of concave mirrors with diameters of three to 25 meters.

The rotationally symmetrical parabolically curved concentrator mirror is assembled on a frame such that it rotates. It tracks the sun continuously on two axes. The focal point is a receiver with a Stirling unit, which absorbs the rays and transfers them as high-temperature heat to a Stirling engine. The engine converts the heat energy directly into mechanical energy in a four-cycle operation using a crank mechanism and drives a generator which produces the electrical energy. Stirling dish systems can continue to be operated at night as well thanks to co-firing with natural gas.

Individual thin glass mirrors are perfect for assembling large dishes. FLABEG cuts the mirrors to suit the customer’s geometric requirements. Alternatively, we can also produce dishes with a diameter of more than 1.30 m, such as those required for CPV applications, from a single piece of glass. This is possible thanks to our bending technique.

Mirrors for Stirling dish applications are precisely geared to meeting the challenges that our customers wish to overcome using state-of-the-art solar technology.