FLABEG CPV mirrors bring together the track record of 30 years of CSP experience combined with our automotive manufacturing and sub-system assembly expertise. FLABEG can customize reflectors for any system, shape, and size using a wide range of proprietary bending techniques and thin glass.

We combine this with our grinding, cutting, and coating capabilities which make us unique in comparison to our competitors. In addition, FLABEG has the ability to value add with coatings and adhesives from our Technical Glass division.

Our global presence and ability to go from prototyping to full-scale production shows that we are able to grow with our customers.

Why use FLABEG Mirrors?

  • Durability, no UV- degradation and embrittlement
  • Dimensional stability, self- supporting systems
  • High specular solar reflectance
  • Low maintenance
  • Recyclable Custom design Anti-soiling coating available
  • High concentration up to thousands of suns*
  • Large-scale manufacturing capability
  • Lower chromatic aberration Better acceptance angle*

*depends on the Customer’s optical design