The new anti-soiling coating reduces the settling of dust on the mirror
surface by up to 50%. This is expected to increase the average reflectivity
of the solar field by 1-2%. As each percentage of increased reflectivity
leads to an additional revenue, this innovation improves on the
efficiency potential of solar mirrors.

Persuasive Advantages:

  • Dust repellent properties
    Surface repels dust, sand and other particles
  • Facilitated Cleaning Process
    Cleaning intervals can be extended
  • Optical Neutrality
    Highest optical transparency

Performed and Succeeded Tests:

  • Reflectivity measurement
  • Outdoor exposure experiences since the beginning of 2011
  • Outdoor aging tests and field tests since the middle of 2011
  • Dust repelling properties according to FLABEG developed standard test
  • Pendulum hardness test to DIN EN ISO 1522
  • Temperature change test, -40°C / +93°C (5 cycles, 120 h total)
  • Humidity test (360 h total)
  • UV stability tests