Concentrating solar power (CSP) is the only solar technology that could achieve the level of output required to replace fossil-fueled and nuclear power plants. The first nine privately funded plants of this nature (SEGS I-IX), which are still in commercial service, were built between 1984 and 1991 in California’s Mojave Desert – and fitted with FLABEG mirrors. Though this was quite a success story, it was a good fifteen years before the next CSP project came to fruition.

It was not until the 64 MW concentrating solar power plant “Solar One” was constructed in Boulder City in the US state of Nevada that the industry heralded the dawn of a new era in CSP. It did not remain “The One” for long, with numerous projects following. Virtually all of them use FLABEG mirrors. FLABEG: a partner you can rely on for all CSP applications.


NEW: duraGLARE - Anti-Soiling Coating

The most recent example of our R&D potential is the innovative duraGLARE coating that all FLABEG solar mirrors can be ordered with from now on: an anti-soiling coating that reduces the settling of dust on the mirror surface by up to 50%.