FLABEG FE’s successful participation in the CPM summit held in Beijing, China

FLABEG FE GmbH, the international market leader and manufacturer of high-precision solar mirrors for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Concentrated Photovoltaics (CPV), attended the China CSP Demonstration Projects Development and Industry Cooperation Summit (CPM). This event took place from January 16th-17th, 2016, in Beijing, China and aimed at pushing forward the development of CSP demonstration projects in China.

Christian Hanke, CEO of FLABEG FE, participated as a supplier representative of solar mirrors in a group discussion themed “The impact on CSP plant of solar mirror’s selection, installation and maintenance”. This summit was a great opportunity for FLABEG FE to exchange information about equipment, product selection as well as installation and maintenance in order to promote cooperation with project sides and suppliers in the Chinese market. Topics for discussion included the significance, guidelines, key difficulties and solutions of demonstration projects development as well as influences on plant of selection, installation and maintenance on equipment and products.

CPM 2016 is a meeting brand derived from CSPPLAZA, the yearly held conference that strives to be the most professional and valuable commercial platform for CSP industry in China.

As a pioneer in the field of solar technology with a worldwide network, FLABEG FE produces flat and curved mirrors for all CSP technologies - Parabolic Trough, Dish Stirling, Power Tower and Linear Fresnel Systems, as well as customized mirrors for CPV applications. Due to the latest bending and coating technologies, FLABEG FE solar mirrors provide the highest degree of precision and reflectance. The extremely robust mirrors were installed in the first commercially operated power stations in the early 1980s. These mirrors are still in daily operation today, without any decline in performance or efficiency. FLABEG FE has been expanding its skills in the area of engineering services and project development support in parabolic trough technology. The company has developed a new collector design - the Ultimate Trough Collector. The design goal, a 20 - 25 % higher cost efficiency compared to currently available technology is proven in a full demo-loop, integrated and operated in a commercially operating solar thermal plant in the US since 2013. FLABEG FE received the official NREL validation of the UT-technology in 2015.


Representatives of the Chinese and European CSP Industry in a group discussion at the CPM summit 2016 in Beijing, China